French Canal Barging – Fun Facts

When we finish a season there is always time to reflect on how it went, how we did and so on. This time I started to wonder about how often we do certain things. So…………………… are some fun facts and figures for you.

This year we cruised for a total of 16 weeks. We cleared about a total of 464 locks (and that’s just the weeks that we cruised with guests -it’s quite a lot more if you factor in the moving of the boat between cruises!). The deepest lock is over 5 meters and the smallest less than 2 meters.
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We had 80 guests on board — the youngest was 5 and the oldest was 87!!!! Meanderer is truly a barge for all ages…..the French canals offer all kinds of attractions and although it may not seem the right kind of vacation for young people you’d be surprised at what we can find to do outside of our “normal” routines.

We prepared 96 breakfasts and dinners and 80 lunches!! A lot of shopping went into doing that — not to mention hours in the kitchen by our amazing chef.

Thinking about meals I estimate that we consumed about 750 croissants and pastries and over 450 breads of varying kinds!!

We opened approximately 60 bottles of champagne and 624 bottles of wine!!!!!!!!!! We also consumed about 650 large bottles of water, countless small bottles of water and cans of sodas…..

And then there’s the cleaning………we did approximately 900 loads of laundry and drying -and that does not take into account the laundry that we send out!!!!!!!!!!

The dishwasher ran about 560 times, washing a total of about 3000 glasses!!!!!!!!! Which means that we polished about 3000 glasses too! and then the plates, silverware, serving dishes…you get the picture.

We crossed the famous Pont Canal de Briare about 35 times. For a long time it was the longest such aqueduct in the world measuring 662 meters. That is always one of the highlights for our guests. Cruising over the Loire river — pretty amazing and so beautiful. The views are spectacular.

Now some random things:
I picked kilos and kilos of raspberries this year at the Chateau of la Bussiere (my next blog will be on the Chateau so visit back soon) and made jars and jars of jam! Chef made all kinds of spectacular dishes and ice-creams and sorbets featuring raspberries. Yum!

We visited Fontainebleau, Vaux le Vicomte, Samois-sur-Seine, Nemours, Moret-sur-Loing, Grez-sur-Loing, Ferrieres-en-Gatinais, Chateau Landon, Montargis, Montbouy, Chatillon Coligny, Gien, La Bussiere, St Fargeau, Guedelon, Briare, Sancerre, Chatillon-sur-Loire and probably other places I’ve forgotten!

Our guests went walking, biking (watched the Tour de France!), chocolate tasting, market visiting, horse-back riding, ballooning, picnicking, fruit-picking. Many enjoyed the on-board jacuzzi too.

So there you have it -it’s fun to “analyze” what we do. I’ll see what else I can come up with………….


5 comments to French Canal Barging – Fun Facts

  • Glennis Darby

    WOW !!!!!xxx

  • Glennis Darby

    WOW !!!!!! xxx

  • Aloha Susan and George,

    Love reading your blog and hearing about summers on the Meanderer. The Balloon looks fantastic! I wish we could have done that too. Hope you are well and rested again. We do love our life here on Kauai and will stay here for a few more years. Happy Thanksgiving! Miranda and Hideki ps Toshiko is 86 this year!

  • Susan, thank you for this great blog on barge cruises in France, and in particular the Loire Valley!

  • Alison Cottrell

    Susan and George.

    You are living the dream!! I get chills every time I read your blogs. We hope to take your fabulous excursion one day. While I know it is a ton of hardwork, it is happy!! I am with Dior now and will be in Paris in January, are you there? Would love to see you on one of my buy trips there.
    Hugs to you both
    Alison, Lang, Cole and Austin.

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