Meanderer – a new season begins on the French Canals…

It’s July already and we are cruising of course. All my good intentions of writing a blog early somehow vanished…. Hopefully you agree with “better late than never”.
Spring here has been remarkable. We have had the warmest and driest since we began our adventure here. We’ve been able to completely repaint Meanderer from top to bottom — at least anything that’s above the water line. She looks spectacular.
(Click on the photos to enlarge -they look better that way!)

We also made two major visible investments this year — a new minibus and new chairs for the deck. The minibus is a VW Caravelle and is so comfortable with three rows of a/c so no-one sweats it out in the back! It also has an automatic passenger door so no more struggling to pull it shut. We’re happy with it and hopefully our guests are.

The chairs are fantastic — from upright to almost fully reclining simply by leaning back or sitting up! Plenty of lazing on deck in those….

Other major improvements, that are not as visible, happened over the winter and are more to do with the running of the boat — new back-up batteries for example and other mechanical things that I don’t understand!!!!! All designed to make each trip seamless for everyone. Thank you Captain George! (AKA Hubby!!!!)

Our crew is in place and we’ve received accolades again for our chef. Sylvain and his wife, Kate (who worked with us before) are a wonderful team on board. Add in our wonderful hostess Yasmin (who worked with us last year) and all is gelling wonderfully. It’s already a great season…..
I know I always seem to talk about food but honestly it’s such a huge part of the experience on board, and in France in general. Here are some more photos of the delicious dishes that Sylvain has been preparing….

Hungry yet?????
Until next time…….


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  • Brenda and Jim Rudd

    Hi Susan and George. I love the pictures of the food. The minivan and chairs look great, too. We’ve been discussing with the Robinsons and Averetts that we need to make another trip on the Meanderer one of these days. We all had such a wonderful time with you.

    Where is the Meanderer going this summer? All is well with all 6 of us. In fact, the Robinsons are on their way to visit us here in Santa Fe. They should arrive any moment.

    Brenda Rudd

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