Please Chef, we want some more…….

Well, from the title of this blog, it’s not hard to guess what it might be about!!! But if I’m going to blog about the amazing food that our Chef produces I also should blog about the rest of our incredible crew. So while this will be mostly about the food I want to tell you about each one of our fantastic crew. And since it’s the end of the season this is also a heartfelt THANK YOU to each one of them.

Thank you to Kate — hostess extraordinaire. Actually to call her hostess really doesn’t do justice to her. She is so much more (aside from being the wife of Sylvain, our outstanding chef). She is my alter ego and is always one step ahead of me so I don’t have to think. She has a wicked sense of humor so keeps us all entertained and just never stops. She makes sure that everything on the boat is as it should be. She is also a really good “matelot” helping with throwing the ropes in the locks as well as painting and cleaning the outside of the boat. Meanderer has never looked so good, thanks to Kate. She has also taken it upon herself to organize the cheese selection for the meals. An amazing job to offer such a well thought out selection along with what might be the perfect accompaniment with each cheese. Just fantastic.

And thank you to Aisling who has completed her first season on a barge!! I think it was “baptism by fire” for her at the start but she has come through with flying colors and become a true member of the Meanderer “family”. Her Irish lilt is sweet to hear and she has entertained our guests royally from making sure that the cabins are always spotless to telling them about the cheeses. Aisling is also an accomplished photographer and it is all thanks to her that the following food pictures are as beautiful as they are. When I decided that there should be another blog about food I asked her to document every dish and meal for an entire week. So Sylvain created beautiful presentations (which he does at each and every meal) and Ais took photos. All credit and thanks for the photos goes to Aisling.

So now to our Chef and his incredible food. Thanks to Sylvain for not only being and amazing chef but also for helping out wherever and whenever needed. He helps throw the ropes if needed and helps lift the heavy gangplanks. He’s multi-talented!!!!! But of course he is extraordinary in the kitchen and week after week has “wowed” our guests. He is able to accommodate all dietary requests without sacrificing any experiences that our guests look for. He makes amazing cakes for special occasions and you would not believe the decorations that he makes out of marzipan! He changes the menus according to seasonal availability so we start with delicious asparagus for example and end with yummy mushrooms!!! Now that it’s cooling down he’s been making Boeuf Bourguignon! Oh — and the most delicious sole meunière ever!!! So following are some of his fantastic dishes !!!!!
Click on the photos to enlarge — they will make your mouth water…..

And a final huge THANK YOU to the wonderful crew that we had this year…..

Until next time…….


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  • Hello Susan and George,

    Wow, that is a fabulous array of delectable dishes. Thanks so much for sharing the wealth of your crew and chef with our barge guests. This will surely entice the foodies among them.

    Happy winter break, Beth

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